If you are a glasses wearer, you’ve probably run into the issue of your glasses fogging up when you’re wearing a face mask. From constantly wiping your glasses throughout the day, to moisture causing them to slip down your nose – it is frustrating. We came up with a little solution.Anti fog nose clip allows a closer seal over your nose in the way that no or very little exhaled air escapes up the mask. This will reduce fogging up your eyeglasses.


If you are not a glasses wearer, this product will still work for you. Anti fog nose clip will help to keep your mask secure around your nose for added comfort.


This clip is designed for FFP2, medical and cloth face masks and is not suitable for N95 and KN95 and other hard shell masks.


Product Size:2.7 inch/7cm length, 0.2 inch/0.5cm width, 0.4 inch/ 1cm height




Lightweight Anti Fog Nose Clip helping to prevent glasses from fogging up

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